Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the worksheet generator work?

A: You select the level, age appropriateness, main themes e.g. Sport, specific theme e.g. Tennis by checking or unchecking the corresponding checkboxes.

Q: Can I enter a custom theme or prompt?

A: Yes, the page provides an input field and a submit button, allowing you to enter custom themes or prompts. If you enter a valid YouTube link or another website link, the content generated will be based on the information collected from that link.

Q: How do I clear or modify my selections?

A: The page includes various clear buttons and functionality to clear or modify selections for different sections. For example, there is a clear button specifically for the both the custom theme input and exercise section.

Q: Can I generate interesting themes from a basic idea?

A: In the custom themes section, the page includes a button labelled "Generate 5 interesting theme ideas from your basic idea". When you enter a concept into the text input field and click this button, the AI generates a range of creative and thought-provoking themes that build upon your initial idea.

Q: How do I select exercises?

A: The has a section for selecting exercises, where you can choose one exercise from each category by checking the corresponding checkbox.

Q: Why don't I have access to some of the exercises?

A: The categories of worksheets, including vocabulary, grammar, conversation, reading, and others, are determined by your subscription plan. Depending on your plan (free, standard, premium, or institution), certain categories will be available or restricted on the page.

Q: How do I view the remaining number of worksheets I can create?

A: Either on your account page or when you click the preview button on the worksheet generator page. The page calculates and displays the remaining number of worksheets you can create based on your subscription plan's allowance and any additionally purchased worksheets.

Q: How can I preview the exercises as they would be on an A4 page

A: You can view an A4 representation of the exercises by clicking and holding whilst on the exercise description. A pop up of the exercise will appear on the screen, showing you how it will look on an A4 page.

Q: How do I preview my worksheet?

A: The page includes a preview button that becomes visible when at least one exercise is selected. The preview button triggers the generation of the worksheet. Once it is ready, you are redirected to a preview page which displays the worksheet in a mock A4 page.

Q: How do I navigate between exercises?

A: You can use the "Previous" and "Next" arrow buttons to move between exercises in the worksheet.

Q: How can I regenerate an exercise?

A: If you have a paid subscription, you can click the "Regenerate" button to regenerate the text for the current exercise (up to 3 times per exercise).

Q: Can I make an exercise easier or more difficult?

A: Yes, with a paid subscription, you can click the "Easier" or "More Difficult" button to modify the difficulty level of the current exercise (up to 3 times per exercise).

Q: How do I generate a worksheet?

A: Click the "Generate Worksheet" button to generate a PDF file for the current worksheet. If the worksheet includes listening exercises with audio, a ZIP file containing both the PDF and MP3 audio files will be generated instead.

Q: Can I change the title of an exercise?

A: Yes, if an exercise has alternative title options, you can click the "Alternative Titles" button to cycle through the available titles.

Q: How do I listen to the audio for a listening exercise?

A: For listening exercises, after generating the audio, an audio player will be displayed. You can use the play/pause and other controls to listen to the audio transcript.

Q: How can I select a voice for my worksheet?

A: To select a voice for your worksheet, click on the "Select Voice" button. This will open a popup window where you can preview and select from various available voices.

Q: How do I preview the available voices?

A: In the voice selection popup, you will see a list of available voices. Each voice option has a play icon that allows you to preview a short audio sample of that voice.

Q: How can I filter the available voice options?

A: The voice selection popup provides filters to narrow down the voice options based on accent, age, gender, and description. You can use these filters to find a voice that suits your preferences.

Q: How do I clear the applied filters?

A: There is a "Clear Filters" button in the voice selection popup that allows you to reset all the filters and display all available voice options.

Q: How will I know which voice is selected?

A: After previewing the available voices, you can select the desired voice by clicking the "Select" button next to that voice option. The selected voice's name will be displayed on the "Select Voice" button.

Q: Can I change the selected voice later?

A: Yes, you can change the selected voice at any time by clicking the "Select Voice" button again, which will reopen the voice selection popup.

Q: How do I close the voice selection popup?

A: You can close the voice selection popup by clicking the "Okay" button within the popup or by clicking outside the popup area.

Q: How do I generate a PDF worksheet from the website?

A: To generate a PDF worksheet, click on the "Generate Worksheet" button on the website. This will create a PDF file containing the exercises and content you have prepared.

Q: Can I include audio with the PDF worksheet?

A: Yes, if your worksheet includes an audio clip, it will be included in the generated file. The website will create a ZIP file containing both the PDF worksheet and the audio file (in MP3 format).

Q: How will the generated file be named?

A: The generated file(s) will be named based on the current date, the level abbreviation (e.g., "A2" or "C1"), the website name "LessonLab", and the title of your worksheet. For example, "20230615 - B2 - LessonLab - MyWorksheetTheme.pdf" or "20230615 - B2 - LessonLab - MyWorksheetTheme.zip" (if audio is included).

Q: How do I download the generated PDF or ZIP file?

A: After clicking the "Generate Worksheet" button, your browser will prompt you to save or open the generated file. You can choose to save the file to your computer or open it directly in your browser's PDF viewer.

Q: What happens if I don't have any audio selected for my worksheet?

A: If your worksheet doesn't have an audio clip, the website will generate and prompt you to download only the PDF file containing the worksheet exercises.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept credit card payments through Stripe.

Q: How do I subscribe to a plan?

A: You can subscribe to one of our plans (Standard, Premium, or Institution) during the checkout process. After selecting your desired plan, you will be redirected to Stripe's secure checkout page to enter your payment information.

Q: What happens if my subscription payment fails?

A: If your subscription payment fails, your account will be set to a "past due" status, and you will receive an email notification. You will need to update your payment method to continue using our services without interruption.

Q: Can I change or cancel my subscription?

A: Yes, you can change or cancel your subscription at any time. To do so, please visit the "Account Page" and follow the instructions to manage your subscription through the Stripe Billing Portal.

Q: How do I purchase additional worksheets?

A: You can purchase additional worksheets in bundles of 1, 5, 10, or 20 worksheets through our website. During the checkout process, select the desired quantity, and you will be redirected to Stripe's secure checkout page to complete the one-time payment.

Q: If I purchase additional worksheets, what features will they include?

A: The exercises and features available in the additional worksheets you purchase will correspond to the features and access level of your current active subscription tier at the time of using those worksheets.

Q: Can I update my payment method?

A: Yes, you can update your payment method at any time. Visit the "Account Page" and follow the instructions to access the Stripe Billing Portal, where you can manage your payment methods.

Q: What happens if I cancel my subscription?

A: If you cancel your subscription, you will lose access to the paid features and services associated with your plan at the end of your current billing cycle. However, you can re-subscribe at any time to regain access.

Q: Will I be charged immediately when I subscribe or change my plan?

A: Yes, when you subscribe or change your plan, you will be charged immediately for the new plan's rate. The charges will then recur based on the billing cycle of the selected plan.

Q: How do I register for an account?

A: You can register for an account by providing your name, email, password, and other required information through our registration form on the website.

Q: How do I log in to my account?

A: To log in, enter your registered email and password on the login page of our website.

Q: Can I update my account information?

A: Yes, you can update your account information, such as name, email, and username, by accessing the account settings section on our website.

Q: How do I reset my password?

A: If you've forgotten your password, you can request a password reset by providing your email address and clicking on the "Forgot Password" link on the log in page. We will send you an email with a link to reset your password securely.

Q: Why do I need to confirm my email address?

A: Confirming your email address helps us ensure that the provided email is valid and belongs to you. This step is essential for account security and to receive important updates or notifications from us.

Q: How do I confirm my email address?

A: After registering, click the link "Confirm Email To Stay Up To Date" on the account page, and you will receive an email with a confirmation link. Click the link to confirm your email address and complete the account activation process.

Q: What happens if I don't confirm my email address?

A: If you don't confirm your email address, you may have limited access to certain features or services on our website until you complete the confirmation process.

Q: How do I log out of my account?

A: To log out of your account, simply click the "Logout" button or link provided in the user interface or account settings section of our website.

Q: Can I delete my account?

A: If you wish to delete your account, please contact our customer support team for assistance. We may require additional verification steps to ensure account security before processing your account deletion request.

Q: What should I do if I suspect unauthorized access to my account?

A: If you suspect unauthorized access to your account, please notify us immediately. We will take appropriate action to protect your account's security.

Q: Can I share my account with others?

A: No, sharing account credentials is strictly prohibited. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account information.

Q: What information do you collect about me?

A: We collect your name and email address when you sign up for an account on our website using the input forms.

Q: How do you collect my information?

A: We collect your personal information when you voluntarily provide it through the input forms on our website during the sign-up process.

Q: Why do you collect my personal information?

A: We collect your personal information solely for the purpose of creating a user account, enabling you to access and utilize the features and services offered on our website.

Q: Do you use cookies?

A: Yes, our website uses essential cookies to enhance the user experience and provide basic web functionality, such as user authentication and session management.

Q: Do you share my personal information with third parties?

A: No, we do not share or disclose your personal information with any third parties.

Q: How do you protect my data?

A: We take reasonable measures to protect the personal information provided by users. Your data is stored on a secure database platform and is not downloaded to other devices.

Q: How long do you retain my personal information?

A: We retain your personal information until you delete your account. You can delete your account at any time by following the instructions provided on our website.

Q: Do you collect personal information from children?

A: No, we do not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13. If we become aware of such information, we will take immediate steps to delete it from our servers.

Q: Can I access, update, or delete my personal information?

A: Yes, you have the right to access, update, and delete the personal information you have provided through your user account by logging in and accessing the relevant settings.

Q: Do you transfer my personal information internationally?

A: No, we do not transfer personal information internationally.

Q: Do you comply with data protection laws?

A: Yes, we respect your privacy and handle your personal information in accordance with applicable data protection laws, as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Q: Will you send me promotional communications?

A: We may send occasional newsletters (via email) to members with information on new features and updates. You can opt out of these communications at sign-up or by updating your preferences in your account settings.

Q: Are there any additional policies I should be aware of?

A: This Privacy Policy solely addresses the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information through our website. Additional policies or terms of service may apply to specific features, products, or services offered on the website.

Q: What happens if you update the Terms and Conditions?

A: We reserve the right to modify or update the Terms and Conditions at any time. If material changes are made, you will be notified, and your continued use of the Service will constitute acceptance of the updated Terms and Conditions.

Q: What if I have questions or concerns about the Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy?

A: If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy, please don't hesitate to contact us on the Contact page.